What processes, products or services does SEE utilize to manage water use and water risk?
  • SEE has committed to reduce its water consumption intensity by 25%, using 2012 as a reference, by 2020.
  • More information about water intensity reduction metrics can be found in our sustainability reports.
How does SEE define and monitor responsible sourcing?
  • SEE has adopted policies regarding responsible use of chemicals in our products and manufacturing processes.  We evaluate the environmental and safety profile of raw materials as part of the product development process. We are proactive in identifying and removing materials of concern from our products and manufacturing processes, meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements.
  • The Sealed Air Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our environmental, social and governance expectations for our suppliers. The Code specifies our right to audit suppliers, including third party manufacturers, for compliance. Consequences of non-compliance can include termination of our relationship.
What is SEE doing to attract and retain employees?
  • As a company with manufacturing operations across the world, the health and safety of our employees is critical. We have a goal of zero workplace injuries. We regularly track, report, and manage our operations to create a safe workplace for our employees. Among other things, our global safety program includes behavioral based safety training, hazard recognition and remediation and driver safety training.
  • We are committed to maintaining good labor relations. In regions where we have unionized workforces, we meet regularly with Unions and Workers Council to early address their questions and concerns. We have developed training programs to help first line leaders to understand and better manage employee relations.
  • We invest in our employees by providing comprehensive opportunities for training/development and striving to promote a good work life balance. Our efforts have resulted in strong employee engagement and a turnover rate that is lower than industry norms.
  • We completed our latest global employee engagement survey in June 2018, inclusive of all employees and with a participation rate of 88%, well above the benchmark of 80% for high performing companies. Compared to previous surveys, we have had notable improvements in Communications, Career Development, and Collaboration scores.
  • Training and Development.
    • Sealed Air has a strong commitment to training and career development programs, delivered through our Learning and Development Center of Excellence. Tailored training is provided at local and regional levels.
    • Leadership and career development training includes early manager programs, Effective Leaders, Engaging Leaders, Change Management and SEE the Way, Project Management and Six Sigma Training. All employees have access to Skillsoft, an online learning library of business skill and professional effectiveness training. 
    • We recently launched a new cross-functional 12-month program focused on developing key high potential employees within the global organization.
    • Sealed Air continues to invest in internship and rotational programs focused on early-career development.
  • Career opportunities
  • Work Life Balance.
    • Sealed Air cares about its employees and strives to create an environment that supports the employee holistically. Our offerings vary by location, but our philosophy does not.
How does SEE promote diversity and equality in the workplace?

Sealed Air is committed to diversity and equality across our company and within our communities. As an organization with employees in 54 countries, our workforce is naturally diverse. We embrace our mosaic of cultures, languages, and perspectives as a significant driver of our success.

  • A recent global pay equity analysis reaffirmed that Sealed Air is managing diversity and gender pay equity well across the company.
  • SEE senior leaders have diversity improvement targets in their personal performance objectives including diversity in succession, recruiting, hiring, and/or promotion/development opportunities.
  • SEE has a variety of employee resource groups including Women's Initiative Network (WIN), Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) and Global Veterans Network.
What is Sealed Air doing to make its packaging more sustainable, and to address the issue of plastic waste?

At Sealed Air, we pledge to design and advance our innovative packaging solutions to be 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025.  We will accelerate the use of recycled materials, expand reuse models for our packaging, and lead the collaboration with partners worldwide to make this happen.  Learn more about our plastics pledge.

What is Sealed Air doing to address climate change risks in its business?
  • Sealed Air cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity by 24.9% from 2012-2017, against a 2020 objective to reduce GHG emissions intensity by 25%.
  • Achieving our 2020 goal will exceed requirements established by Science Based Targets, a collaborative initiative among the CDP, World Resources Institute and World Wild Fund.
  • Our Life-cycle analysis experts work with our R&D teams to understand the environmental footprint of our products/solutions. By focusing on reduced energy/GHGs associated with our products, we continue to be at the forefront of helping customers enhance their sustainability profile & meet their energy, GHG & climate change goals through sustainable packaging innovations.
What role does the board play in overseeing sustainability/environmental strategy?
  • The SEE board takes a science and innovation-led approach in developing strategy to solve environmental challenges.  The board receives regular updates on and guides sustainability strategy
  • At a recent meeting, the SEE board thoroughly reviewed proposed sustainability commitments and challenged SEE management, the results of which are the bold SEE sustainability and plastics pledges.