Patrick Duff

Mr. Duff is a general partner of Dunham Partners, LLC, a private investment firm. Previously, he served as a director of Hercules, Inc., a manufacturing company. While at Hercules, Mr. Duff was chairman of the audit committee and served on the corporate governance, nominating and ethics committee, emergency committee and finance committee.

Mr. Duff received his bachelor of science degree in accounting from Lehigh University and a master of business administration degree from the Columbia Graduate School of Business. He taught security analysis at Columbia University from 1993 until 1999. Formerly, Mr. Duff was a senior managing director at Tiger Management Corp., an investment management firm, from 1989 through December 1993, where he was a member of the management committee. Prior to joining Tiger in 1989, Mr. Duff worked in asset management at Mitchell Hutchins and Capital Builders Advisory Services. He is a certified public accountant and a chartered financial analyst. Mr. Duff has an extensive knowledge of investing, asset management and financial markets gained from his experience with Tiger and with prior employers as well as through his teaching position at Columbia University. He brings a unique perspective to the Board as a stockholder and investor. In addition, he has accounting and financial expertise. He also has prior board experience, including service on a public company board.

Director since 2010
Age 60
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Financial Expert
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